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Old Man Strength

Car Transfer Sticker - Orange Bull

Car Transfer Sticker - Orange Bull

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Car Transfer Sticker | Orange Bull

Old Man Strength Orange Bull Car Sticker. These stickers are the perfect addition to your car. This large OMS sticker will let everyone know you are a part of the ever-growing OMS community. These are also suitable for windows or mirrors. 

  • Coloured sticker (Black background for display purposes)

  • 15cm x 11cm
  • Made from waterproof Vinyl/PVC

  • Application - Car windows/bumper/glass/mirror 

Installation Instructions

1. Wipe window clean and dry 

2. Remove square sided sheet and apply against the glass ensuring adhesive side is face down against the glass. Hand press transparent side a few times to ensure contact is solid. Take care to ensure no air bubbles are trapped when applying and a nice even and smooth application has been applied. 

3. Use credit card or similar tool to ensure adhesive side has made full contact, removing air bubbles as necessary. 

4. Slowly remove peel-frosted paper from the corner leaving your brand new car transfer sticker in place. 

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