Old Man Strength Is Real - And Here’s How to Get It

Old Man Strength Is Real - And Here’s How to Get It

Old Man Strength Is Real 

And Here's How to Get It.


This article is to let you in on a little secret:

You don’t have to be old to catch the condition ‘OMS’ (Old Man Strength)

It’s not like your muscles automatically get stronger as you get older

[In fact it’s the opposite]

So how can that guy with grey hair feel strong as a bull on the mats?

Let’s find out:


Don’t Waste Your Time Lifting Weights

To be more accurate:

Don’t waste your time lifting the WRONG weights. 

The old bull knows the importance of strength training.

But if you spend your time on isolation exercises like bicep curls and leg extensions?

Imagine a learner doing a driving lesson and only practicing one gear. You‘d get really good at one part of driving, but your overall driving would suck.

Old Man Strength comes from the wisdom of valuing time in the gym. And doing the big lifts. 

The ones where you get your body to move how you’re going to move it:

Squats. Pull-Ups. Press. Deadlifts. Bench. 


Learn How To Better Use What Strength You ALREADY Have 

Ever rolled with someone who just tries to muscle their way through techniques...

…and they just end up gassing themselves out?

Compare that with the old bull who effortlessly pries open your attempts at stopping his arm bar. 

Old Man Strength comes from slowing down, doing things properly, and using leverage. 

How do you learn that?

Firstly, pay close attention to your coach when they’re teaching. 

Then... resist the temptation to just spend the whole open mat rolling. Drill techniques so you can find out how they actually work. 


Use Your Body Weight To Feel Stronger

Notice how some people feel like they’re absolutely crushing you under their side control?

And when you’re under their mount you have to decide between defending or breathing?

It’s no accident. 

The old man feels heavier and stronger than they really are. That’s OMS in action. 

Get your weight off the mat. Drive forward with your toes. Concentrate your weight in one spot. Ride them. 


Don’t Try To Use All Your Strength, All The Time

You know the guy:

After rolling for 1 minute he’s gone so hard he can’t breath

[while the training partner has hardly broken a sweat]

They’ve got 20% of their original strength left for the rest of the roll.... and now someone with muppet arms would feel like a strong opponent 

If you try to be strong all the time, you’ll be strong none of the time. 

Slow down. Learn when you can relax (both on top and on bottom)

Then when you need it?

You’ve got a good ol’ dose of OMS up your sleeve. 


Summary: You Can Get OMS Before You’re Old

There’s a big difference between trying to muscle a technique vs. using Old Man Strength

Want some OMS?

Lift big. Learn technique. Use your weight. Know when to rest and when to turn it on. 

I’ve come across some awesome grapplers in their 60’s who have pressure-passed me into oblivion. Good times.

Comment below:

What’s been your experience rolling with true displays of Old Man Strength?


About the author: Michael Peachey is a qualified physiotherapist, sports trainer, and Olympic lifting coach. He’s a 41 year old black belt in judo, blue belt in jiu jitsu, and the author of Rolling Around




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