5 Reasons You Won’t Like Old Man Strength

5 Reasons You Won’t Like Old Man Strength


You turned 45, gained a few pounds and you decided to give up

We have over 74,000 members of the Old Man Strength Community and a further 16.5k on instagram. Our extended community of people reading and contributing to community and visitor posts is around 150,000 strong old men. You think they all woke up one morning feeling strong? Of course they didn’t. They manage their lives, their work, their personal difficulties, their weight and the pressure that others put on them and what they put on themselves. They’ve been fat, thin, strong, weak, in pain, and out of pain. You know what? They endured. Day one of anything hurts, but its grit that separates those who do something with those who don’t. One thing is for sure – the day you stop living is the day you start dying. If you’ve started dying, OMS probably isn’t for you.

You don’t believe in respect and hard work

To quote the words of Calvin Coolidge, nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Grit is what matters. OMS is about hard work, overcoming adversity by finding something deep within yourself, and taking that experience forward to advance yourself and others. For some, old man strength is about survival, for others it’s about achieving goals. Regardless, hard work, persistence and respect for those who are doing what they need to, is part of our DNA. We don’t apologise for that. We earned it.

You don’t love your country and your family

When you’ve come up rough, and been through a few things, you know that protecting what’s close to you is what matters. The places that made you stay with you through your whole life, and raising your family right is how we make a better society. We know the world is an increasingly dangerous place, and we do what we need to, to make it safer and we have a mountain of respect for those out there protecting our freedom and our way of life. If you don’t love your country, and you aren’t doing right by your values, you probably won’t like OMS. Take off the shirt in that case and have a good think about things. Then look outside, be thankful, and put it back on. It will fit better.

You don’t feel pride at being old and strong

The drive for strength and power that makes us men never leaves us. Sometimes it hides, sometimes it gets beaten down so far you can hardly see it or feel it and you think it will never come back. But it is always there. We need to beat ourselves, we need to be stronger tomorrow than today, we need to test ourselves. Sometimes the fire just needs a little kindling to get going, which is where OMS comes in. Strength is not an optional characteristic in this world; it is a doctors prescription for survival. So feel some pride at being a man who has made his way through all his years to get you right in the spot you are now, regardless of your bench, your weight, your belt, your speed, or your score. That other stuff changes like the wind. You don’t.

You have had a charmed life. 
Let’s face it. Not everyone among us has grown up with a silver spoon in their mouth. We’ve had our trials, some of which we don’t talk about and some of which we wear with pride. All of it made us who we are, and while we don’t put it all out there, we don’t run away from it. Our adversity has made us stronger, the scars have rusted over and the skin has become hard so that that particular knife never cuts us again. We know the true duty of the strongest is to protect the weak. 

So when you see a guy walking out there wearing the OMS Stamp, the Black&Red, the Classic , or any of our range, it means he gets it. It could mean he beat cancer, beat childhood, beat adversity, beat a goal, or maybe it could be that this is day 1 and he is on the path to something more. Either way, he’s old man strong.

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These are the core ressons why I checked out your site years ago. Why I follow you in instscrap and Fakebook. Why I keep wanting to buy shirts and shit but hesitate to push the button for fear of freight charges to Vancouver Island, BC. Next month that fear is gone and I will wear your awesome appeal proud. Thanks for all that you do.

Brick Wilson

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